Exhibition Layout and Work for Artists

The images below were commissioned by a group of painters working on a collaborative exhibition. They were used to guide paintings and the model was used to create a video animation for the exhibition “Bubble Revision.”

The creature below , a “doge-whal” was commissioned by one of the artists and appeared in the exhibition as well as a presentation at New Museum in NYC.

Artwork does not reflect my own views

I had been asked to create an animation for their talk also. It can be seen on the wall behind the speakers.

Below is a sampling of exhibition and proposal layout examples I’ve created over the years.

Wagon Dreams


Early game I produced using a scale 3D model of a Drivable Conostoga Wagon (rigged with physics) in multiple game engines:  

  • Sketchup, using the plugin Sketchy Physics (stopped using Sketchup after Google sold them to Trimble and went paid/web)
  • 3D RAD, a low level game engine – owner closed shop, community rallied and rebuilt engine, owner gave source to community
  • Unity 3, yes this was a while back. 

This was a great project that allowed me to get a good review of what software had to offer at the time, their physics capabilities, and how the communities operated.